Artist + Creative Director
Based in Denver, Colorado

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When schools shut down, and classes turned online, I quickly realized that my 'education' would be substantially worse off. There's something about attempting to conduct courses online that leaves a significant part of the academic experience out. The last two years of my bachelor's degree was online, and quite honestly, I didn't take much from it. 

With the advent of the internet, it is becoming more apparent how little post-secondary university matters for most fields. Doctors, lawyers, and engineers will always need formal post-secondary education - but for the rest, it is not worth it. With more and more people going to university, tuition prices increasing, and more people graduating with less avaliable jobs - the value of a degree is worse every day. 

Ditching online classes, with COVID running rampant in the province, I attempted to document the University campus without students. 

Film (Medium Format)

Calgary, AB, Canada