311 - Red Rocks (2023)

No matter what any photographer or videographer tells you, gear does matter. It’s not in the way most people think however. Gear should be curated based on the type of work you want to be putting out, and support the style in which you want to present your art. 
I’ve tried cameras from all major manufacturers at various price points and landed on these cameras for my production work. Aesthetics are a massive part of my output, and the ways in which these cameras render tones + colors is perfect for me  

Cinema Cameras

Black Magic 6K G2 (4x)
6144 x 3456 - 24 FPS (6K)


Edge Powerbase - External Battery
Tilta Mirage VND Matte Box
Small Rig Cage for BM6K
Rode Videomic Pro+
External 4K Monitor

Medium Format

Fuji GFX 50s (Digital)
8256 x 6192- 51.4 MP

Mamiya RB67 (Analog)
6x7 Film Negative


Mamiya Sekor C 180mm F4.5
Mamiya Sekor C 90mm F3.8

Full Frame

Canon 5D Mark IV
6720 x 4480 - 30.4 MP


17mm Tilt Shift (Canon)
35mm F 1.8 (Sigma)
24-70mm Mark IV (Canon)
70-200mm Sport (Sigma)
150-600mm (Sigma)


001 — Event Coverage

002 — Tour Coverage

003 — Production


004Information / Contact

Creative Director / Artist
Based in Denver, CO