Social Media Assistance

Finding a balance while using social media as a music artist is difficult. I’ve been told the frustrations from artist’s management and artists themselves about having to use social media to promote their music. 

Quick cutting with a 5-second hook to clickbait videos is not a viable strategy to growing an artist's presence in 2024, and will garner more negative attention than positive. It might ‘get more views’ but those views will not translate to longterm fans or ticket sales.
The most effective way to grow an artist's presence is with great art direction, organic moments, & good music, it always will be. I have direct experience growing socials in a number of niches, and worked as an social media manager for 3+ years garnering millions of views. 

For any of my tour bookings I can provide social media assistance to help an artist grow across social media platforms.

FKJ // Red Rocks

1.4 million views on Instagram
520k on Tiktok


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Based in Denver, CO